From time to time VCC receives requests from veterans/military members experiencing particular quality-of-life needs.  Perhaps it’s a previously homeless veteran who just got a job and an apartment, but does not yet have furniture.  Perhaps it’s a veteran whose car recently died, no longer has a way to get to work, and cannot afford the repairs.

VCC’s “Operation Ally” program works with local businesses to fill gaps in veteran support, augmenting the vast network of services available to veterans in the San Diego region.

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Are you willing to offer up to $250 per month or $750 per quarter in products/services that fill identified gaps in veteran and military support? When we receive a request, we provide you with an overview of the veteran situation and discuss what your business might be able to offer.

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Veterans & Military

Call 1-844-VET-CONX or complete our short information sheet and the San Diego Vet Connector will be in contact to discuss community support.

“My car broke down. I couldn’t get to my VA appointments and didn’t have the money to make the repairs. VCC connected me with a local mechanic that helped to repair my car so that I could get moving again!” – Marine veteran


“I needed a tooth extraction but didn’t have much money to get it done and I was in a lot of pain.  VCC found a dentist who was able to help at little cost to me.” – Army veteran

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