The VCC program encourages (a) individuals who are willing to share their expertise, and (b) businesses who are willing to offer services or discounts to sign up with our VCC Resource Network.

Veterans, military & spouses connect with VCC resources through a simple process:

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Veteran, military member, or spouse calls and speaks with the VCC Vet Connector. (Vet Connectors can be VCC staff, or staff of the local community coordination hub.)

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Vet Connector links the caller via email with a local resident/business or organization that can meet the caller's request.

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Veteran/military member and local resident/business arrange a time to talk to get their question/need addressed.

Learn more about our model and the role that local residents can play in supporting veterans, military, and their families.




“Our local veterans and their families are not looking for more websites.  They are looking for personal connections to their fellow citizens and businesses that can provide them with community-relevant answers.” – Jerry Sanders, President of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

“I moved to Hawaii with our 3-year-old son and my husband deployed before we got there- we knew no one.  I would have given anything for a resource like VCC that I could reach to for trusted advice and knowledge about the community.” – USMC Spouse

“VCC is a great resource. The connection to an expert in the field helped lead me to a new career path.” – USAF Veteran


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