Connecting Veterans & Military with their Community

and enabling residents to do more than say "thanks for your service."


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San Diego County

St. Joseph County/South Bend

Maricopa County/Phoenix


Community connections made
in FY 2019


Vets/Military families feel more connected to their community
as a result of their VCC connection


Community members feel more connected to vets/military in their community as a result of their VCC connection

Bridging the Military/Civilian Divide

Read our 2019 Annual Report HERE.

VCC provides local residents with an avenue to share their expertise and knowledge about life in their community with military, veterans, and their families.

In doing so, local residents get to know their neighbors who served in uniform, and our veterans/military families access information and support that falls outside the realm of nonprofit/government resources. 

Examples include:

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Neighborhoods & Recreation

What are the schools like in this neighborhood? Where can our family members get involved in sports?

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Career Paths & Education

Can I talk to someone in the health field to find out if that career is really for me? I'd like to get some advice on majors/degrees?

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Veteran/Military Discounts

What museums and venues offer discounts or special engagements for veterans and military families? Where can I get trusted car/home repair?

2020 Annual Community Integration Survey

We want to hear from you – veterans, military, families, caregivers, and community members!   How are we doing? How can we better connect those who have served with resources in the San Diego community? Your feedback helps to guide our priorities and improve services to local military, veterans, and their families.   This year’s… Continue reading

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