Our mission is to assist veterans, military and their families in successfully integrating into their community by expanding their local networks and involving individuals and organizations from all parts of the community.

Our approach is unique, with the following core principles: 

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Community owned and designed

Wherever VCC operates, the community plays a significant role in its design and implementation. Our local Advisory Groups include community leaders from all walks of life.

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Builds upon existing resources

We partner with local 2-1-1/ 3-1-1 entities, which already connect residents to nonprofit or government resources. VCC adds the additional layer of connecting to community members/businesses.

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Low cost

By sponsoring AmeriCorps VISTA members and utilizing in-kind space/technology donations, we run each VCC site on a minimal budget.


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Kari McDonough

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Doug Wilson

Local Program Managers

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Shya Ellis-Flint

Program Manager San Diego County, CA

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Ganay Metoyer

Program Manager Maricopa County/Phoenix, AZ

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Jill Powers

Program Manager St. Joseph County/South Bend, IN

National Advisory Group Members

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“Communities across America are hungry to find a way that they can support a veteran in some small way.  They want to be able to say more than ‘thank you for your service’ but they don’t know how to.  And they often don’t know where or who the vets are.  VCC changes that.”

– Kari McDonough, Co-Founder

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